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  • ISV - Interleaved Sandwich Voice Coil

    Interleaved Sandwich Voice coil (ISV) technology is based on a high strength fiberglass former where half of the coil is wound on the outside and the other half is wound on the inside. As a final result a balanced, linear motor unit is achieved. High force factor and improved heat dissipation are further advantages of the ISV technology.
  • TTC - Tetracoil Double Voice Coil

    Tetracoil Double Voice Coil (TTC) technology is based on an innovative magnetic structure where two different inside-outside voice coils are wound on the same former and suspended evenly in the two magnetic gaps.

    The key advantages are:
       - Ideal motor symmetry over large displacement providing flat inductance and minimal even-order distortion.
       - Excellent thermal dissipation and reduction of thermaldistortion resulting from: (a) twice the voice coil surface area of a standard single voice coil of the same diameter and, (b) reduced power compression for up to 50% more output at high power.

  • SDR - Single Demodulating Ring

    Single Demodulating Ring (SDR) technology identifies the usage of an aluminium ring placed into the magnetic structure for reducing intermodulation distortion, while improving the transient response.

  • DDR - Double Demodulating Rings

    Double Demodulating Rings (DDR) identifies the presence of two aluminium rings embedded in the pole piece of the magnetic structure. These rings have been designed to dramatically reduce the intermodulation and harmonic distortion while improving the transient response of the transducer.

  • ACS - Active cooling System

    Active Cooling System (ACS) technology is related to different ways of extracting heat from the transducer in order to minimize power compression and increase power handling.

  • AIC - Active Impedance Control

    Active Impedance Control (AIC) technology utilizes a secondary voice coil permanently fixed on the pole piece of the magnetic structure. The magnetic field generated by this secondary coil provides induction reduction for a flat impedance curve that increases sensitivity and extends high frequency bandwidth, while reducing harmonic and inter- modulation distortion.

  • EWAL - Edge Wound Aluminum Voice Coil

    Edge Wound Aluminum Voice coil (EWAL) technology identifies models where this specific kind of wire is used in the voice coil winding.

  • TPM - True Piston Motion

    The True Piston Motion (TPM) technology has been developed by Eighteen Sound in order to improve the high frequency behavior of top of the range compression drivers, and it's based on an exclusive Titanium Nitride coating process and the use of pure Beryllium membranes that dramatically improve stiffness with great benefits in transient and intermodulation distortion response. 

    TPM is capable of doubling the diaphragm material stiffness without increasing the mass, showing a predictable, ideal frequency response decay and avoiding top-end spurious resonances.
  • 3P - Proprietary Phase Plug

    The Proprietary Phase Plug (3P) technology identifies a combination of radial and tangerine slot geometric design. With its short openings and high flare rate value, 3P technology assures low distortion in the mid-high frequency range, providing a smooth coherent wavefront at the horn entrance.

  • DSS - Double Silicon Spider

    The Double Silicon Spider (TSS) technology was developed by Eighteen Sound in 1998 and consists of a double layer spider structure, glued by a special silicone based adhesive mix. The result is an ultra-linear piston action and full suspension control across the entire working range.

  • TSS - Triple Silicon Spider

    The Triple Silicon Spider (TSS) technology is an evolution of the DSS technology. It consists of a triple layer spider structure, glued with a special silicone based adhesive mix. This suspension type is able to control the moving mass with high linearity, demonstrating an exceptional stability of mechanical parameter values in the long term.

  • ESS - Elliptical Shape

    Elliptical Shape (ESS) technology is related to the geometric profile of the horn surface. ESS horns are able to control the directivity on the front of the horn not only on the main vertical and horizontal planes, as standard geometry horns, but even in all the infinitive planes between the twos, with direct benefits in terms of acoustic energy control and sound quality.

  • iD - Class D Optimization

    Eighteen Sound iD loudspeakers are optimized with very low impedance for maximum power transfer from a Class D type amplifier.

  • IPAL

    IPAL - The Eighteen Sound IPAL loudspeakers are designed to couple perfectly with IPAL Differential Pressure Control technology from Powersoft S.p.A. The IPAL power amplification module features a zero latency pressure-sensor feedback applying real-time correction that maximizes the control of selected Eighteen Sound high efficiency transducers for unparalleled output at low frequencies.

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